The colocation data centre at the Atlantic Technology Centre has 2500 sq ft of environmentally controlled rack space and offers all the high-tech requirements of a modern data centre such as:

We offer a flexible array of electrical circuit configurations customized to our clients needs. Power is supplied by redundant APC and Powerware UPSs which are then backed up by our 550kva Cat diesel generator.

Cooling & Environmental
We provide redundant N+1 cooling, distrubuted through our raised subfloor. We follow the traditional hot aisle / cold aisle methodology to efficiently cool your equipment. We maintain a room temperature of 19 °C and a humidity level of 50%.
We have an array of sensors in the data centre that monitor changes in environmental levels (such as humidity, water, temperature, smoke, etc...) that notify our team before a serious problem can occur.
Fire-suppression is provided by a dry-pipe pre-action system, limiting the damage that would occur to your equipment in the case of a fire.

Entry into our facility is controlled through a multi-door entry point using proximity access cards giving our customers 24/7 access to our data centre. Our facility is monitored 24/7 with digital video surveillance to ensure your equipment is safe.
We provide secure locked cabinets for our clients, each with it's own unique combination lock.

Data / ISPs
We have multiple fiber entry points into our building from multiple ISPs. We can provide dedicated IPs to our clients as well as do Layer 7 QOS traffic shapping and provide firewall (DMZ) services.
We offer a high level of Internet redundancy with a dual router / dual ISP configuration (BGP connectivity between Bell Aliant and Eastlink).
We can provide bandwidth reporting to our clients to help show them how to improve the network performance of their systems.
We also offer bulk pricing on bandwidth.


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